Little COVID at summer camps!

Camps have always focused on safety for their campers and staff. Since the pandemic, research has really focused on camps and the number of cases there really are. Duke University recently did a study and found very few instances of COVID-19 spreading at camp. Last summer, camps did a fabulous job following guidelines which included moving most activities outdoors, social distancing, and handwashing.

“The researchers said their findings suggest that, when mitigation measures are followed, the benefits of “in-person programming” — such as at camps and schools — may outweigh the risk of transmission.”

And what are the parents and campers saying?  Summer 2020, Camp Robin Hood located in Freedom, N.H. opened with a safety bubble plan. After three rounds of testing, including one before camp, and strict enforcement of mask-wearing, director Richard Woodstein called everyone together, turned up the music, and announced the good news: Everyone tested negative. Campers ripped off their masks, hugged each other, and danced.

One parent said they received a letter from his 11-year-old daughter Lila that said “Right now I don’t feel like corona is a thing and I am so happy.”

Kids need CAMP!  Researches, experts, directors, and parents agree. So, it’s time to send your campers to their “home away from home” for the summer of 2021.




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