Camp Touring: The Poconos

unnamed-2We had a great trip to the Poconos last week.  It was only the third day of camp but they were already in full swing! The returning campers were so happy to be back at their summer home and the new campers were adjusting quickly.  Of course there are always a few sitting with a counselor or division leader if they were having a hard time.  It’s nice to see them talking and helping the camper through the initial homesickness.

unnamed-5Have you heard of Kan Jam?  We kept seeing it everywhere we went.  It’s a popular new game for rest hour where the kids have to throw a Frisbee through a slot in a circular can.  Not exactly sure what the rules are but the campers seem to love it.  Another huge trend is cooking studios- even at boys’ camps!  And fitness is huge with the older campers.  Zumba, yoga, water aerobics, full gyms.  Love seeing everyone staying so healthy.  Organic gardening- kids growing and eating their own food- amazing.

unnamed-4Next stop for this summer is the beautiful Adirondacks in NY.  Can’t wait to get there, will report back on what is new and hot in the camping world!

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