Think Summer. It’s NEVER Too Early.

We have a lot of families contacting us during and after the summer asking when is the best time to start looking or thinking about Summer adventures. Not all camps are alike, and not all families are alike either. What we do know that whatever adventure you and your child are planning it’s a huge decision and it deserves the time and consideration it deserves. Whether it’s for next summer or two summers from now, it’s never too early to THINK SUMMER.


Start thinking about the length you want the adventure to be. More and more camps and teen programs are offering different options. For example, 2, 4, 5 or 7 weeks. What kind of adventure of you looking for? Coed or same-sex camp for your first-timer? An educational or community service adventure for your teen? These are the questions you should start to ask yourself and your child.

To DO.

Most people will tell you to RESEARCH. We we have you covered, we have done more of the hard work for you. Just reach out to us, we are here for you and to help answer all of your questions and concerns for FREE.


We will help you get all the information you need to see the camps in action. Today camps and teen programs do a fantastic job creating amazing videos and virtual tours. You and your child can get a feel of camp or the adventure without leaving your home.

Traditional Camp vs Speciality Camp


Most overnight camps from the Poconos to Maine are what we call “traditional overnight camps”.  They offer an array of activities, old fashion camp traditions, and daily scheduled activities for 7 weeks.  Whether it’s a coed or single sex camp, a traditional bunk consists of 10-12 kids and the bonds of friendships are unbreakable. Most camps today understand the need kids have to practice their “activity” of choice.  For example, they will offer extra private tennis lessons, extra time on the baseball diamond, or more time spent in the gym getting that back tuck perfect.  Some camps will have professional coaching on staff or send the kids off camp to meet with speciality coaches.

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Speciality camps are perfect for the older child in high school who wants to make their high school team. They are also great for that child who really wants to focus on sharpening their skills in his or her sport. Most specialty camps are 2 weeks long and are located on a college campus or off-site location.  Typically there are no bunks, the children sleep in a door room with a roommate or two.

Both options are a fantastic way to spend a summer. Still unsure?  Give us a call, we can tell you about the many different camp options available and help answer any of your questions.

Packing for Camp: Our favorite tips

Summer 2014 is around the corner, just over 2 months.  It will be here before you know it, to keep you organized we have a few packing tips that we couldn’t live without.  Packing smart is just as important as packing the right things.trunk plus embroid design_2.jpg.ashx

If your sending it, label it!

The sew on labels are great or the name stickers do stick to most items. Keep with the basics, the good old reliable “sharpie”.  Try gold or silver for your darker colored items.

Pack with your kids 

Let them see what you are packing so when they get to camp they had an idea of what was in their bag.  Show them you packed specific shoes for certain sports or where the extra batteries are tucked away.  Most camps will unpack the younger campers for them, so when they arrive their area is all set up.  It’s still a good idea for them to know what was packed.

Organize your duffel

Of course you will pack smart but try to make it easy on your camper.  For example, send them with a 2-1 shampoo/body wash or a travel tooth brush that folds into its cover.  The little things will keep you and your camper organized.  Pack all little items in ziplocks with labels, which also helps the counselors when they unpack for your child.  Try getting those X-LARGE zip lock bags, they are great for keeping the duffel organized and the clothes protected.

Pack Smart

Protect breakable items such as a tennis racket, make sure its protected.  Pack it between bed sheets or towels for extra cushion.  Find out what  bunk cubbies or under the bed storage your camper is allowed to bring.  Make sure they are collapsible and durable, it’s best to utilize them when packing. For example, pack items inside of the bins such as smaller or personal items.   You could also add a packing list inside the duffle, this helps the counselors and your camper to know what was packed.

Don’t Forget

Take a deep breath and take a picture of your camper sitting on their duffel.  It’s officially the first photo of the camp season!1071295_184418061729265_2081693645_o