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We can not thank Patti enough for her guidance and support. She really did an exceptional job and we could not have done it without her. Kippewa was the first camp she suggested. Otherwise, finding a camp as a parent is such an overwhelming experience. It was truly camp karma that this all came together. THANK YOU!
- Cynthia-Massachusetts
Having 5 children, I can't thank you enough Sue Ellen, for all of your help, patients and friendly follow up calls. For 13 years you continue to find the right camps and programs to keep each summer fun and memorable!
- Ali - Franklin Lakes, NJ
Patti, We had spoken during the spring when I was looking for a summer camp for my daughter Rebecca, who is going into 7th grade this fall. Just wanted to let you know that we picked her up today from Camp Netimus (recommendation you had given me). She LOVED it and had a fabulous time.  Thank you so much for your perspective and for providing us with good suggestions for consideration. I had never heard of Netimus before your recommendation so really appreciate it.
- Bonnie-Parsippany, NJ
We have three children all with different needs and personalities. Patti took the time to get to know what they wanted from their summers. She also listened to us and considered our feelings and opinions when guiding our child to the best program for them. We would highly recommend the services provided by Student Summers. You and your child will both be happy you did.
- Abbe & David-Short Hills, NJ
Sue Ellen asked me great questions and quickly understood my daughter. Her first suggestion was the camp we ended up choosing. It was and still is the perfect place. Her guidance made it so easy to make the right decision.
- Abby-NYC, NY
From my first conversation with Jennifer I could tell that she understood what I was looking for in a teen program for my daughter, who went to camp for nine summers and loved it, but felt it was time to move on to a new experience. I was concerned about safety and supervision but I felt more comfortable once Jennifer assured me that she works with only reputable companies and has been sending kids on trips for years. My daughter ultimately decided on a trip to Iceland and had an incredible time. The communication and organization of this company were impeccable. I’m so glad I called Jennifer to help me through this process
- Amy, Gladwyne PA
Having been a camper all my life when it came time to choose a camp for my own child I knew how important the decision would be. Since my childhood camp had since closed, I knew I needed an impartial, educated opinion to help my family make the right decision for our child. Every camp is different and so is every child. I knew right from the moment I spoke to Sue Ellen that she "got us." I would have never found the camp we chose for our child without her. Our son had an amazing summer and can't wait to go back
- Andrea-Tenafly, NJ
Finding the right summer program can be overwhelming; the options are endless. Sharon helped us narrow our choices. Thanks to their knowledge it was a perfect match.
- Beth E.-Boca Raton, FL
The Camp Lady took the time to understand my daughter and make her feel comfortable in her decision to pick a new overnight camp after spending 4 years at another one. The Camp Lady was able to provide good choices and I would recommend The Camp Lady to anyone who is looking for the expertise you need to make good, educated decisions.
- Terry-Livingston, NJ
I truly thank you for your help and guidance through the daunting process of choosing a summer camp for our daughter. You listened to our needs, gave us appropriate options and supported us through our final decision.  We look forward to sharing camp stories with you when she returns!
- Marla-Ridgewood, NJ
Patti's guidance and patience made it possible to find a camp that was most appropriate for my son Jesse She was available to answer all of my questions, and understood exactly the environment that would be best for my son. Thanks for Patti, jesse is so excited to be going to camp for the first time this summer.
- Jo-Westport, CT
Dear Sue Ellen, Perfect summer for our son thanks to your finding that unique experience he was looking for… priceless.
- Sharon-Roslyn, NY
Jennifer, We can't thank you enough for our son Cole's wonderful first overnight camp experience! Your insights, knowledge, and availability were all crucial in our decision making process. There are so many camps to choose from, and being late in the process, I don't know how we could have done it without someone(you) knowing the ins and outs of each camp and the processes at hand. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! With new friends and fond memories, Cole is counting the days until next summer...
- Lynn-Connecticut
Jennifer was everything I needed going through this process of finding "The Camp". I wanted camp to be amazing for Max and it was thanks to My Camp Advisor.
- Tracy-Huntingdon Valley, PA