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Tracy is one of our "go to" camp moms and loves "everything camp". She spent her childhood summers in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania making life long camp friends. Now she has the joy of reliving the camp experience all over again as her daughter, Julia, and son, Max, enjoy overnight camp in beautiful Maine.

Camp Gifts Your Camper Wants

Not only is there a mad rush to order your campers clothes and summer essentials from our friends at The Camp Spot and Everything Camper, but as parents we need to make sure their trunks are filled with fun gifts and surprises.  Some of our top picks this year are pillow “must haves”, camp mugs for their stuff, and camp inspired eye candy for their arms.

1. Totally cool, colorful, and fun autograph pillows by “Just Gifts by Robin”. Sure, there are thousands of autograph pillows out there but these are our favorites. PicMonkey Collage

2. Camp Mugs they can use a thousand ways from Groove in Westport, CT. Use them in their shower caddy for their toothbrush accessories, fill it with their pens and display on their bunk shelf, or just for yummy hot chocolate.1911758_612193525540328_862286167_n

3.Eye candy for their arm worth wearing.  These camp bracelets from “Rock this Jewelry” are for girls that only live 10 for 2!  Have them sport their favorite camp or zip code well before camp.


Say “Yes” to Camp

Thinking of what to do this Summer?  I am sure you are busy gathering info about summer camp from your friends, your parent’s friends, and other moms. It’s probably making your head spin!  Many experts believe camp can teach a child self-esteem, responsibility, and empathy.  Marie Hartwell-Walker from the New York Times writes “Everyone needs to find a way to connect, to belong, to be accepted and to accept other people. Unplugged from cell phones, tablets and computers, kids learn how to be with real people in real time.”  She also believes that camp gives kids who may struggle at school a place to shine.


Michael Thompson, author of “Homesick and Happy” and contributor to the New York Times shares his conversations with parents that think a four or six week camp is too long.  He believes “Parents can sometimes seriously impede their children’s development. At camp, kids develop responsibility, self-control, empathy.”


Let’s talk “Camp Friendships” and know they are true and long lasting. Jennifer O’Donnell from About.com says “A camp friendship may last a lifetime, or only a summer, but either way camp offers children the opportunity to branch out from their regular circle of friends and learn to connect with other people in positive ways.”

The Camp Ladies can find the perfect camp for every child.  Contact them and begin to explore all the different camp possibilities.

Fresh & New: The Camp Lady Website

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We are thrilled to share the news of our brand new website!  It’s updated with fun photos from our happy camp families and super easy to navigate through.  Get to know us so we can get to know you.  The “Meet your Camp Advisors” page gives you an inside look at who we are and what areas we cover.  Not in one of those areas?  No problem, just fill out the “contact us form” and one of the camp ladies will be in touch with you.  We have traveled all over the country and beyond to find the perfect summer experience for your child.

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Our camp families and campers are buzzing about us so we just had to share it on our “Happy Camper Buzz” page.  We have been helping families with their summer adventures for years, we could only share a few.

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Make sure your in the know and check out our “Get the Scoop” page.  You will find all the articles we contribute to and awards that we have received giving us bragging rights.

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