Does Camp Really Help Your Child?


As we say goodbye to yet another fun filled Summer spent at camp, parents often wonder what lessons their child learned at camp.  When your child attends camp they learn how to work with others, try new things and create bonds with people who come from all different areas of the world. In a recent Huffington Post article, Todd Kestin, a professional teen coach and mentor, shares his own experiences of camp.

A must read!  Find the full article here.

What Are Camp Disruptive Moments?


Disruptive moments happen when our brain is in a “sponge-state”, when we absorb and retain memories, feelings and ideas.  Camp provides these moments and new experiences every day like meeting new friends, performing in front of people at a talent show or seeing a sky full of stars for the first time.  According to Steve Baskin, owner and director of Camp Champions, camp counselors and directors know when these moments are happening.  How?  Read his entire article at Psychology Today.   We couldn’t agree more on his theory about the benefits of overnight camp.